Dr. Joe King

Dr. Joe King is an ordained licensed Southern Baptist
Minister and Veterinarian educated in Theology,
Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health.,
Business, and Naturopathic Medicine. He spent most of
his ministry serving churches along the Texas/Mexico
border  providing humanitarian services to animals
and people living in remote villages along the
US/Mexico border and deep in the interior of Mexico.

He obtained a degree in Theology/Philosophy from
Dallas Baptist University and studied Divinity  at
Southwestern Theological Seminary.

He obtained a Doctor of Animal Science and Doctor of
Veterinary Medicine from the Universidad Autonoma
de Ciudad Juarez.

He completed the Master of Public Health Studies at the
El Paso Satellite of the University of Texas at Houston,
Health Science Center.

Dr. King completed an MBA in Accounting through the
University of Phoenix and is completing a Doctor of
Naturopathic Medicine through Clayton College of
Natural Health.

Dr. King has pastored churches in Dallas Texas,Clint
Texas, Van Horn Texas, and Chaparral New Mexico.

He has taught at the El Paso Community College,  the
School of Public Health - El Paso,  the Graduate School
of Engineering  - Universidad Autonoma, Ciudad
Juarez, Mexico, and is a graduate advisor to the School
of Engineering, El Paso, Texas.

Dr. King is the President/Chief  Operating Officer of
the Camino Real Environmental Centers - Sunland
Park, New Mexico, and Executive Director of the Camino
Real Environmental Research Center.