Animals have been an constant part of my life. My
formal education taught me very little about the
spirituality of animals.  In seminary I was taught
that trauma and death have the ability to   cripple
one's desire to function.

As a pastor and chaplain I saw peoples lives
shattered by disease and death.  As a
veterinarian I saw the same devastating
impact  with the loss of a pet.   I have seen
grown men broken, families  shattered, and
lives crippled due to the death of a pet.

The good news is that God understands your sorrow
and grief.  The loss of a pet is a  real  loss and can
be as significant as the loss of a family member.
You are not alone in your grief,  God understands
your suffering.  

Animals, God's Faithful Servants is book
written to help you find peace in the midst of sorrow
through God's amazing plan for man and animals.
Stained Glass - Christ Episcopal Church
Mobile, Alabama